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What is Text to Landline?

Text to Landline* is a simple way to stay connected with friends and family. Cell phone users can send text messages converted to voice messages and delivered to home phone line destinations. Note: For North American carriers Text to Landline attempts to phone numbers outside of North America will not be delivered.

*A landline is a phone number that is serviced by a local telephone company and is a fixed connection that uses wires.

How do I send a Text to Landline message from my handset?

Sending a Text to Landline message is just as easy as sending a text to a mobile phone. As you would with a regular text message enter the recipient’s 10-digit landline phone number, type your message and press SEND. It’s that easy!

Do I need to sign up for Text to Landline?

No, texting to landlines is automatically available to customers of all supported cell phone providers. Check with your cell phone provider for additional information.

How does Text to Landline work?

After the recipient’s address is checked for delivery eligibility, your text message will be recorded* in a female voice. A standard call will be placed to the landline number after which the recipient’s phone will ring. If the phone is answered, a recorded message will ask whether the listener wishes to accept a message that has been sent from a wireless subscriber [sender’s phone number] at no charge. If the listener accepts, the recording of your text message will be played. If the call is received by an answering machine or voice mail, the recording will be delivered to the device or service as a voicemail and the message will be deemed as successfully delivered.

*Common abbreviations are recorded as full words; unintelligible abbreviations or words are spoken as is or are read letter by letter.

How can I send a Text to Landline message with a celebrity voice impersonator?

Sprint customers have the option of choosing among 6 different celebrity voice impersonators to use when delivering their Text to Landline message.

1. From your Sprint phone call  78… and follow the directions provided.

2. Choose your favorite celebrity voice:

1.     Arnold Schwarzenegger

2.     Barack Obama

3.     Bill Cosby

4.     Joan Rivers

5.     Dr. Ruth

6.   Rosie Perez

3.   After selecting, you are ready to send your Text to Landline message with a celebrity voice. 


Can the recipient reply to my Text to Landline message?

Recipients who receive the message live will be offered the opportunity to reply to the text message with a voice recording (this offer will not be made if the call is picked up via an answering machine). You will be able to retrieve the recipient’s voicemail at a number provided to you in a text message announcing that the recipient has replied to your Text to Landline. To listen to the recipient’s voicemail, all you need to do is CALL BACK the phone number on the text message. Your Calling Plan rates will apply for this call.

On your handset you will receive a text message stating “Landline number XXX-XXX-XXXX has sent a reply to your Text to Landline message.” Your Text Messaging price plan charges will apply to this notification.

This text message will contain the appropriate reply phone number (not the recipient’s number). A call to this reply phone number retrieves the voicemail and is charged according to your Calling Plan.

By pressing SEND or the call button while you are reading the text message on your handset or by placing a dialed call to the reply phone number, you can listen to the reply message without having to work your way through a menu of listening instructions. Just call the number and your reply will be played automatically. It is necessary to use the mobile phone that received the notification to retrieve the voicemail.

What is the cost to send a Text to Landline message?

Charges differ by cell phone provider. Some include text to landline messaging under standard text messaging rates. Others include a small premium charge per message. Please check with your cell phone provider for exact pricing information.

What charges, if any, apply to landline recipients of Text to Landline messages?

No charges apply to recipients of Text to Landline messages.

Can I use shortcuts and emoticons in Text to Landline messages?

Yes, Text to Landline will translate many shortcuts and standard emoticons into words so that the recipient can understand them. Here is a list of shortcuts and their translations:

AFAIK>As far as I know


:-)8>Smiling with bow tie


MYOB>Mind your own business

;-)>Winking, I’m kidding

ASAP>As soon as possible


‘-)>Winking, I’m kidding


NRN>No reply necessary

;->>Sly wink

B4N>Bye for now

NA>No available


BAM>By all means

NAP>Not a problem

:-T>Keeping a straight face

BAU>Business as usual

NBC>New billing cycle

:^D>Great. Me like.

BCNU>Be seeing you

NC>No comment

8-]>Wowza, man

BBS>Be back soon


:-o>Wow! or oh!

BD>Brain dead


^5>High five



:]>Wants to befriend you

BFN>Bye for now

No1>No one


BFz4evr>Best friends forever

NP>No problem


BHL8>Be home late


:-<>Really sad


NR>Not received

:-c>Really unhappy

BOL>Best of luck

NRN>No reply necessary


BRB>Be right back

NWO>No way out


BRBGP>Be right back gotta pee

OBTW>Oh, by the way

:’-(>Crying and really sad

BRT>Be right there

OIC>Oh, I see


BTDT>Been there, done that

OMG>Oh, my God

:[>Really down

BTW>By the way

OOL>Out of luck


CDIH>Cold day in hell

OTOH>On the other hand

\_/>my glass is empty

CID>Consider it done

O4U>Only for you


CLD>Calling long distance

PCM>Please call me


CU>See you

PCME>Please call me


CUBL8R>Call you back later


:-V>Bellowing, shouting

CU@>See you at


:-r>Sticking out tongue

CUL>See you later

PLZ4GVME>Please forgive me

:-P>Sticking out tongue

CUL8R>See you later


:->>Bitingly sarcastic

CYA>See you around



CMi>Call me

PUKS>Pick Up Kids


CMON>Come On


:- I>Hmmm

CUL8R>See you later



CYRBOS>Call Your Boss


:-#>Lips are sealed

CYRBRO>Call your brother

RINGL8>Running Late

:-X>Lips are sealed

CYRH>Call your husband

ROFL>Rolling on the floor laughing

:-Y>Aquiet aside

CYRMA>Call your mother

ROFLOL>Rolling on the floor laughing out loud

:-">Pursing lips

CYROFIS>Call your office

ROTFLMAO>Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

:-W>Speaking with forked tongue

CYRPA>Call your father

RTFM>Read the flaming manual

:()>Can't stop talking

CYRSIS>Call your sister

ROFL>Rolling on floor laughing

:~/>Mixed up

CYRWF>Call your wife

RU>Are you


Dk>Don't know

RU?>Are you?


DLT>Disregard last transmission

RUCMNG>Are You coming



RUF2T>Are you free to talk?



RUOK>Are You OK?

:-]>Smiling blockhead

Dur>Do you remember

SETE>Smiling ear to ear


E2eg>Ear to ear grin



EMYL>Email you later



EOD>End of discussion



EOL>End of lecture

SOL>Sooner or later







;-)>Sardonic incredulity


SPK2UL8R>Speak to you later


FAQ>Frequently asked questions


8-|>Eyes wide with surprise

F2F>Face to face

SWALK>Sent with a loving kiss


F2T>Free to talk

SWATK>Sent with a tender kiss


FBTW>From bad to worse

SWG>Scientific wild guess


FIM>Foot in mouth

T+>Think positive

|-{>Good Grief!

FITB>Fill in the blank

T2Go>Time to go


FO>Far out!

T2ul>Talk to you later

:-X>A big wet kiss!

FOMCL>Fell out of my chair laughing

TDTU>Totally devoted to you

:-{}>Blowing a kiss

FTBOMH>From the bottom of my heart



FWFN>Farewell for now

TIA>Thanks in advance


FWIW>For what it’s worth

TIC>Tongue in Cheek

:-P>Tongue hanging out in anticipation

FYEO>For your eyes only

THNQ>Thank you


FYA>For your amusement


:-?>Smoking a pipe

FYI>For your information

TLA>Three letter acronym


GAL>Get a life

TMIY>Take me I’m yours

;)>Winking Smile




GMeSumLuvin>Give me some loving

TOY>Thinking of you

RUOK?>Are you OK?

GMAB>Give me a break!

TTFN>Ta ta for now.


GMTA>Great minds think alike

TTYL>Talk to you later



UR>You are

:-()>Smiling with mouth open

GTSY>Glad to see you

uvbnsmuchd>You’ve been smooched

8-)>Smiling with glasses

GUDLUK>Good luck

uvbnsmuchd>You’ve been smooched

[:-)>Smiling with walkman


URT1>You are the one

:-)8>Smiling with bow tie

h2cus>Hope to see you soon

UR4Me>You are for me

{:-)>Smiling with hair


U4E>Yours forever

d:-)>Smiling with cap

HAGN>Have a good night


C|:-)>Smiling with top hat

HAND>Have a nice day


(:-)>Smiling with helmet

HAY>How are you?

WAN2>Want to

:-)=>Smiling with a beard

HldMeCls>Hold me close

Wan2CamoV>Want to see a movie

&:-)>Smiling with curls

HRU>How are you

WAN2:-*>Want to kiss?

#:-)>Smiling with a fur hat

Ht4U>Hot for you

WHFO>When hell freezes over

1DAY>One day

HTH>Hope that helps

WLUMRy>Me will you marry me?

1ON1>One on one

H&K>Hugs and kisses



IAD8>It’s a date

WRT>With respect to


IC>I See

WRU>Where are you?

2bctnd>To be continued

ICQ>I seek you

WTF>What the heck?

2d4>To die for

IGotUBabe>I’ve got you babe

WTG>Way to go!

2g4u>To good for you

ILBL8>I’ll be late

WUWH>Wish you were here

2Ht2Hndl>Too hot to handle

ILU>I love you

W4u>Waiting for you

2l8>Too late

ILU2>I love you too



ILUA>I love you alot

W84M>Wait for me


ILuvUAlwz&4evr>I love you always and forever

XO>Kiss and a hug

2WIMC>To whom it may concern

IMO>In my opinion

XclusvlyUrs>Exclusively yours

3sum>Three some

IMHO>In my humble opinion


3some>Three some

IMBLuv>It must be love

YBS>You’ll be Sorry


IMI>I mean it

YHTBT>You had to be there


IMO>In my opinion



IMTNG>I am in a meeting

ZP>Zero perspiration

4yeo>For your eyes only

IM4U>I am for you



Im:)2hvMtU>I’m happy to have met you



IOU>I owe you


M$ULkeCrZ>Miss you like crazy!

IOW>In other words



IRL>In real life

LCD>Lowest common denominator

MU>Miss you

ItsF8>It’s fate

LMAO>Laugh my ass off

MUSM>Miss you so much

IUSS>If you say so

LMK>Let me know

MTE>My thoughts exactly

IYKWIM>If you know what I mean

LMOOI>Leave me out of it

KIT>Keep in touch

J4F>Just for fun

LOL>Laughing out loud

KOTC>Kiss on the cheek

JstCllMe>Just call me

LTNS>Long time no see

KOTL>Kiss on the lips

LtsGt2gthr>Lets get together

LTNC>Long time no see

KUTGW>Keep up the good work



KWIM>Know what I mean?