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TeleMessage is helping generations communicate with easy-to-use Text to Landline services. It’s TeamText’s mission to spread the word about this great functionality that you may already be able to take advantage of. If your cell phone provider is listed on our Supported Carriers page, then you can text from your cell to a landline right now.

What We Do

With our Text to Landline technology, we let users send text messages from mobile phones to any landline destination across North America and other parts of the world.

How We Do It

We convert text messages into voice communication by using a text to speech engine. Landline recipients then have the ability to hear your text in female voice form and then respond. 

Five Simple Steps of Sending a Text to Landline Message

1.    Compose your text message and send to the desired landline number

2.    After your text is sent, a standard call is placed. Once the phone is answered, a recorded message asks the listener if he or she would like to accept the message (at no additional charge)

3.    If the listener accepts, the text message voice conversion is played

4.    If the call goes to voicemail or an answering machine, the recording is delivered and left just like any voicemail message

5.    The text message sender will then receive a status message indicating whether the text was successfully delivered to a person, a voicemail or not delivered

How Do I Reply?

1.    Recipients who receive the Text to Landline messages live are given the option to reply with a voice recording

2.    Mobile phones will receive a text message notifying that a reply is made

3.    The reply in the form of a voicemail

4.    To listen to the recipient’s voicemail, all you need to do is press your send button while reading the reply text message or call back the phone number on the text message (calling plan rates apply for this call)

If it’s not supported by your carrier, please let us know which mobile carrier you have and we will tell them for you.

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